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A Reasonably Prudent Law Student

Specifically, Huma Rashid

11 August
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I am a reasonably prudent law student. I am also the elusive O, owner of Blackacre in fee simple absolute, with a life estate in A, and I am willing to grant you an easement.
12 angry men, ally mcbeal, amistad, and justice for all, arrested development, atticus, bleak house, boston legal, breaker morant, briefing, chicago, civil wars, common law, demand letters, double jeopardy, habeas chorus, harvey birdman, herzog, inherit the wind, injunctions, inneroffice memorandums, king of torts, lack of consortium, law & order, lincoln lawyers, man who wasn't there, matlock, my cousin vinny, perry mason, philadelphia, reading, res judicata, shocks the conscience, spider solitaire, suicide letters, the associates, the first rumpole omnibus, the headnotes, the paper chase, the practice, the remaindermen, the undomestic goddess, the west wing, thing about jane spring, thus was adonis murdered, to kill a mockingbird, toxic tort, writing: motions